Annual Yearbook  Read the stories and see the photos of our 2016 season, as our gifted musicians and volunteers bring the healing power of music and friendship to 24,000 individuals.


Annual Yearbook  2015 was a year of amazing milestones – a season of 81 charitable events, including the 1000th Holiday Express event! See the smiles and hear the incredible stories of our biggest season yet!


Annual Yearbook – Read about the places far and wide that we visited to deliver the gift of human kindness to those who needed it the most during the 2014 holiday season. Our yearbook offers heartwarming accolades from our volunteers and our program partners, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create a fabulous Holiday Express event. Learn about our Giving Parter Program, our wonderful corporate relationships, and a “Character Study” to get a glimpse from behind the costume.


Annual Yearbook – 24 pages of Season 21. Read Matt Scuteri’s notes from the road, hear what the staff at the places we visit have to say, see lots of pictures from this year and years past, follow “a day in the life” and enjoy the latest “Holiday Express Moments”. Read the story of singer Geri Brewer and her daughter Rasheedah and how Geri is Paying it Forward. Check out some financial information and be amazed by the 63 event season schedule.


Annual Yearbook – 32 pages of Seasons. Includes a section on the history. How it started with Tim and a few friends and the journey of 20 years. It’s a Family Affair, a story of four generations of volunteers. The Elf on the Street, hear what our volunteers have to say. The 2012 season by the numbers. Growing up Holiday Express, thoughts from those who had us in their lives for as long as they can remember.


Annual Yearbook – 20 pages of Season 19. The 2011 schedule of 55 events between Mid-November and Christmas Eve. Letters from people we visit and descriptions of the programs served. Long time Giving Partners Linda and Frank Belmont and Travelers Insurance connection with A.Harry Moore School. A touching tribute to Ann Robinson from her sister Amy and perceptions from volunteers. Volunteer Spotlights of musician and gifted singer/songwriter BethAnne Clayton and always willing to help, Laraine and Ned Gaunt.


Annual Yearbook – 28 pages of Season 18 stories, including Collection Drives; Sickles Wine & Cheese Tasting; Letters, Perceptions from General Volunteers and Band Volunteers; 2010 Benefit Clambake; Financial Information; Tim McLoone’s Notes From the Road; Season 2010 By The Numbers; Season 2010 Acknowledgements; Holiday Express, Making A Difference; Giving Partner Program: Untracht Early Pursues the Perfect Match; Volunteer Spotlights (Father and Son, Gary and Mike Schwartz, vocalist Kathy Dorn Severini); and lots more.


Annual Yearbook – Letters, Perceptions from General Volunteers and Band Volunteers, 2009 Benefit Clambake, Financial Information, Tim McLoone’s Notes From the Road, Season 2009 By The Numbers, Season 2009 Acknowledgements, Shore Point Distributing Company, The Lyons VA, Why I Am a Holiday Express Volunteer, Eva’s Village, Giving Partner Program: Big Hearts in Little People, What the Heck is a Disco Santa?!, 2009 Event Highlights, Volunteer Spotlights (Jeanne Westendorf, Jack Readie)


Annual Yearbook – Letters, Perceptions from General Volunteers and Band Volunteers, The Scarf Project, The First Dinner Dance, Financial Information, Tim McLoone’s Notes From the Road, Season 2008 By The Numbers, Season 2008 Acknowledgements, Charles In Charge, Stories from Holiday Express Truck Drivers, Mr. Scott The Music Man, Volunteer Spotlights (Jack Readie, Jim Mizell)

Fall – Help Us Deliver the Gift of Human Kindness, 2008 Schedule, Holiday Express Financial Information, Kudos to our Junior Fundraisers, First Annual Holiday Express Clambake Raises $170,000, Gift Bag Wish List


Annual Yearbook – Letters, Perceptions From a Mom Who Has a Son With Autism, New Volunteers Relate First Season Experiences, Events and Highlights, Communications High School at CVR Event, Warehouse Resembles Santa’s Workshop, Giving Partner Program, Season Statistics, Acknowledgements to Sponsors and Special Supporters, Therapy Dogs Big Hit at Alpha School, What Is a Gift Bag, Crafts and Raffles, Over 10,000 People Served Food at Events, Financial Information, Staff Addition, Volunteer Spotlights (Rick Brunermer and Rocky Falotico)

Fall – Appeal from Parent of Special Needs Children, 2007 Schedule, Holiday Express Financial Information, Golf Classic, Scholarship Program, Giving Partner Program


Annual Yearbook – Annual Recap, 2006 Sponsors, Warehouse Stats, First-Time Event Managers and Venues, Giving Partner Stats, Volunteer Spotlights (Bob Boyd and JoAnn Ralph)

Fall – Upcoming events, 2006 schedule, Golf Classic, Community Fundraisers, Warehouse News


Annual Yearbook – Annual Recap, Journey to Louisiana & Mississippi, Banding Together on the Homefront, 2005 Sponsors, Warehouse Stats, Elf Song, Giving Partner Stats, Volunteer Spotlights (Victoria Vilee and Tony & Jeanne Cosentino)

Fall – Upcoming events, 2005 schedule, Warehouse News, Volunteer Spotlight (Joyce McElven)

Spring – 2004 Season Recap, Giving Partner Profile, Thanks, Volunteer Spotlight (Scott Longfield, Margaret Gilbertson and Lee Sanderson)


Fall – Upcoming events, Asbury Park Boys & Girls Blub Chorus, Five-Star Meals Served, Bob Sickles – Harvesting Relationships with the Community, Wish Lists, Volunteer Spotlight (Peter DeMarco and Jane Denny)

Spring – 2003 Season Recap, Fundraising Jam, Elf Tales, Warehouse Stats, Communications Group, Volunteer Spotlight (Sonny Felixson and Rich Cali)


Fall – Annual Dinner Dance, Holiday Express Documentary – “Rock & a Heart Place”, Giving Partner Profile, A Volunteer Speaks, Food Drives, New Warehouse, Volunteer Spotlight (Colin O’Leary and Ryan Murphy)

Summer – Golf Classic Benefits Scholarship Fund, Feed the Hungry Concert, Hope Concert, Warehouse Move, Giving Partners, Scholarships Awarded to Local Students, Volunteer Spotlight (Roger Gardella)

Spring – 10th Anniversary, Note to Volunteers, Volunteer Spotlight (Michael & Maureen Gribbroek and Michael & Maureen Staub)