Musician Volunteers

The Holiday Express Band

One of the many ways we deliver the gift of human kindness…

Job Title: Holiday Express Musician Volunteer

Qualifications: Musical talent & experience; desire to serve others, make a difference & have fun!

Who we are

The Holiday Express band is made up of professional musicians who donate their time and talent whenever and wherever they can. Like all our volunteers, musicians are not required to be at any particular number of events. We only ask that you give the time that you have available.  But be warned. Once you played at one of these events, and interacted with the people we meet, you’ll get what we are all about…and you’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll find to share again and again!

How it works

Playing in the Holiday Express band is a musical experience unlike any other. We have events on Monday mornings; Thursday evenings, Sunday afternoons, and everything in between (except for Friday and Saturday nights…musicians have to gig!). You may be playing with 20 other musicians one day; and 3 another. The bass player you worked with in the morning may not be the same one at the event that evening. It just depends on who is available at any given time.

That is why we look for players and singers who are quick studies, and quick on their feet. Singers need to be able to sing lead and any number of harmonies (thankfully, not at the same time). At any event, any musician is ready to lead, or play a supporting role, on their instrument depending on what the situation calls for.

New Members/Auditions

Each year, we accept new members by professional referral only.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Holiday Express band, please contact us at 732-544-8010 to receive a Musician Questionnaire.

To apply provide:

(1) a completed Musician Questionnaire form. (Note: You must be over age 18 )

(2) a short bio – (nothing formal required; a couple of paragraphs about your professional background and experience works fine)

(3) a sample of your work (CD, mp3, link to website, et al.)

Send the above to Holiday Express, 968 Shrewsbury Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

At the auditions (held in the Fall), we ask you to come prepared to do 2 songs of your choice. We suggest at least one up tempo song; a holiday song is nice, but not required. Singers will be asked to sing lead and harmony.