Holiday Express Giving Partner Program – Your Gifts Make a Difference:

One of the hallmarks of Holiday Express is its ever-expanding Giving Partner Program. Through the generous support of the donors who participate in the Giving Partner Program, Holiday Express fills specific needs of the many organizations we visit.

Organization we visit provide Holiday Express with a “wish list” of items that are not within their normal budget. Holiday Express seeks companies, groups or individuals interested in purchasing some or all of the items on each list. (Some examples are Wii game systems, therapy equipment, iPads & iPods, kitchen equipment, blankets, coats, gift cards, event tickets just to name a few.) These Giving Partner Program gifts are over and above the gift bags that each individual receives at every event.

This match-up of donors with organizations forges a warm and personal relationship that transforms the donors and organizations into true partners in caring. Many of the donations made through the Giving Partner Program come from individuals, families and neighborhood groups, although local businesses and corporations play a significant role in the program’s success.

Holiday Express cordially invites everyone and anyone to join in the Giving Partner Program and help fulfill the wish lists of the many worthy organizations that serve those with such great needs in our communities.

For information on how to become a Giving Partner donor, please contact us. Our 2017 Giving Partner wish list will be published in September.

>> CLICK HERE to download a PDF Giving Partners List

(Note: We update our lists frequently during the holiday season, so please check back often.)

Click here to read about 2010 Giving Partner Untract Early, a firm whose employee, Lori George, had previously volunteered at Eva’s Village with her husband’s company – and then enrolled her own employer to become a Giving Partner.

Click here to read about Giving Partner Melissa Marshall, a passionate volunteer, who hosted her second annual Holiday Express fundraiser luncheon in December 2009.

Click here to read about Giving Partner Bob Hutchins, whose CPA firm, Hutchins Farrell Meyer
& Allison, has included Holiday Express in their HFMAssist Program. This company program supports and pays employees to go out into the community and volunteer with the organizations about which they feel passionate.