Gift Bag Items Needed

Individual gift bags are an essential part of each Holiday Express visit. In many, thumb if not most instances, the gift bag they are given may be the only gift they will receive during the holiday season. Hundreds of volunteer warehouse “elves” work extremely hard to make sure all 27,000+  bags get packed not only with loving care, but with a substantial amount of practical necessities and items that are fun and/or useful. Each gift bag contains personal care items, warm clothing, blankets and other goodies — customized to the needs of the particular party guest. All items must be new and are needed in our warehouse inventory by October/November.

Items Needed Annually – The list is long because the need is great…

Duffle Bags
Body Wash
Coloring Books for adults
Deodorant for Men
Deodorant for Women
Gloves for Men
Gloves for Women
Mittens for Men
Mittens for Women
Mittens for Children
Pens & Pencils
Playing Cards
Rain Ponchos
Socks for Men (white heavy)
Socks for Women (white heavy)
Socks for Children (warm)
Toothbrushes for Adults (individually wrapped)
Toothbrushes for Children (individually wrapped)
Wool Hats for Men
Wool Hats for Women